People are exposed to asbestos every year

Do you have asbestos in you home or office building?  

Does one of your real estate clients want a inspection before they purchase a property?

Or maybe you are a homeowner who just found out the risk of asbestos in their home.

Whoever you are, we are here to help. EVR Asbestos removal is just a call away!



Magnified asbestos
Magnified view of asbestos fibers

Today Asbestos can be found in many buildings around America. This dangerous substance takes the form of cluster of fibers which can become airborn and lodge in your lungs and other soft tissues. Once inside of your body it acts as a carcinogen – a substance which can cause cancer. Asbestos is the cause of the cancer Mesothelioma. These silicate minerals were widely in many types of insulation, tile, and roofing. It was commonly used because it is durable and a strong fire retardant. Due to its usefulness it can be found in almost any old building and it is incredibly dangerous. It is of upmost importance that any asbestos in a building be removed for the safety of you, your loved ones, and your employees.

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