Testing for Asbestos


When and where is it important to test for asbestos? Should YOU be worried about asbestos? The answer is that if there is any doubt at all you should test. No cost is worth the risk of developing cancer later on in life. You should tests pipes, gutters, walls, floors, roofs, tiles, and within the rafters of older buildings. Their may also be asbestos cement on your shed or garage roofs, walls, and partitions.


When testing, knowing as much information as you can about the building or facility can be useful in establishing whether or not there is asbestos existing. You should look at older records to see if asbestos has ever been found or removed in your building previously.


Even if you are pretty sure that there is no asbestos on your property, or if you have found a substance that might be asbestos, you should book asbestos management survey. This is to make sure that when asbestos is tested for, the fibers are not disturbed and made airborn, it also protects you from a whole host of lawsuits that could be charged against you if you leave asbestos in your building.

If you have found asbestos in your building it is very important that you do not touch it. Touching the asbestos product can release dust and significantly increase the risk of asbestos related diseases later down the road.

In this case we advise hiring a professional to come and test the asbestos for you.

In the event that asbestos is found on your property or in your home, you should get it removed ASAP! Every second that asbestos remains in your home is a second that you or a loved one could be in danger. Call: 630-884-5181 To have your asbestos problems taken care of today!




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