Asbestos has many uses. First, It can insulate electrical. Second, it is very fireproof. Third and lastly, it has been used in making pots and pans houses, etc. Once there was a king and he had an asbestos napkin. He would impress his visitors by throwing it in the fire to clean it and having his slaves fetch it out! This shows just how fire-resistant asbestos and asbestos material is.

     But asbestos does have its letdowns, it has been made illegal because it can cause asbestosis and mesothelioma. Its placement in a building determines if it needs to be removed. If the asbestos is in a Popcorn ceiling it needs to be removed. If it is in tile it less likely needs to be removed as long as you don’t break it.  Many buildings have asbestos embedded in and throughout the building. One example is flocking, flocking is where many tiny particles of a material are deposited onto a ceiling, floor, a wall, etc. This so-called flocking is exactly what you do not want to do with asbestos because it is releasing asbestos particles into the air. If your building was flocked all expanses that were flocked need to be tested and removed.

     If you find asbestos you should most likely remove it. You are going to want to call a professional to do this. You might wonder, how do they do this? Well, first the crew or contractor need’s to be EPA licensed. Also, the people who are having it removed can not even go into the area. After that, they have to seal off the building with tape and polyethylene film. Once the asbestos is removed they have to use special vacuum cleaners so the asbestos-filled air will not be released into the clean air. If a normal building that needed to be knocked down had asbestos in it, they would first have to do the whole asbestos removing process before they could even start the normal demolition. After the asbestos is removed it goes to a landfill. Different countries have different laws on asbestos and asbestos removal. As was stated earlier it depends on the material that the asbestos is embedded in.

     The meaning of the word asbestos means in Ancient Greek ἄσβεστος which is translated unquenchable or in other words inextinguishable, this precisely describes asbestos because of its odd nature of being completely fireproof.

     When asbestos started to be mined was around the 19th century, People began to attempt to make and sell asbestos cloth and paper, but it did not sell very well. Then the Canadians started trying to sell asbestos to London, and they were successful. The first companies were established in England and Scotland. They started weaving asbestos into cloth and eventually, the Germans started copying the process.  Now asbestos and asbestos-containing materials can be found all over the world, including many high-end buildings in the US. Call now to get your house or commercial building tested for asbestos.


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